The Alternatives pt 2 - Asylum

The Alternatives pt 2 - Asylum

You could quite easily mistake Kennedy and Dathen for Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio as star crossed lovers from Romeo and Juliet. 

Laying amongst the beautifully decaying floors, wild flowers and candles this photo has stolen my heart.

The crumbling walls and moody lighting has created a stunning set, teamed with the ethereal dress, professional makeup and photography it gives a hauntingly romantic vibe.

Asylum is an artist led organisation based in Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham, London. Built in a public garden in 1862, the chapel provided mental and spiritual asylum for the residents of the garden, who were retired workers in the alcohol trade. It sustained a bomb attack in WWII, and has been partially restored for public use. 

The Asylum has a crazy romantic vibe going and the suppliers added to the mood, the dress has a otherworldly feel to it and the table scapes were to die for.


I loved supplying jewellery for this shoot - Kennedys moonstone necklace was handmade by myself along with her silver rings. The black arrowhead ring was her statement piece that screamed she was sassy AF. 

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