Nestled in Nottingham, the heart of the UK, I create eclectic, original pieces of sterling silver jewellery using traditional silversmithing techniques.

My story began aged 15 when my metalwork teacher at school asked if I would like to become his apprentice for a while and learn goldsmithing techniques. Whilst my peers were off drinking and dancing the nights away I spent many many evenings melting metal, snapping saw blades and cutting my hands to shreds. I was taught invaluable lessons in soldering, stone setting and the ways of metal, something that would stay with me forever.


I had a big break from metal smithing throughout my twenties, however metalsmithing is a deep rooted love within my soul – I am fortunate enough now to be full time silversmith and to work out of my home studio buried away at the bottom of my garden in the heart of Nottinghamshire.

I am inspired by the world around me. I love collecting gemstones, old and quirky things and I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity of sharing my creations.