The Alternatives pt 1 - Camden city inspiration

The Alternatives pt 1 - Camden city inspiration

Alterative. City. Full of sass. When I was handed my brief to supply jewellery for a shoot planned by the Alternatives I almost chewed their arm off - full moon, deranged wolf style. Anything that features tattooed models, doc martins and hand painted leather jackets floats my little sail boat all day long.

The shoot had been planned to take place in Camden market, amongst the hustle and bustle of London life, the market stalls, the loud and vibrant graffiti walls, the quiet yet cramped little lanes. 

The team of suppliers added the most incredible details - I mean guys those BOOTS are to die for. The jewellery was supplied by myself and Kennedy opted for the Rebel necklace which fitted the theme perfectly and some silver rings.
The team of photographers were outstanding, all those factors to think about, the moving objects, change in light conditions, busy city would not be for me but I'm glad my gems went on a little city trip.
Can't wait to show you Part 2 at the Asylum!


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