Fantasy kingdom meets avant-garde princess

Fantasy kingdom meets avant-garde princess

Before I begin can we all take a flipping moment to take in this crown for all its Lady Galadriel beauty, I mean if you wouldn’t want to wear this on the school run, a nip to Sainsburys or on the way to the gym then basically we are over. I’m in love. Seriously.

I digress, on to business. 

Set in the secret garden of the Botanist found in the edgy Leopold square in Sheffield this intriguing establishment made the perfect viney location for this shoot. Styled and photographed by Madeleine Wintersmodel Lucy was styled as an ethereal princess bride, perfectly at home in the whimsical setting of the Botanist where the indoor/outdoor binary is truly disrupted. 

Vines and gnarly branches twist and wind up the structures within, walls are utterly encased in plant life, butterflies flit among the soft hanging lights, casting beautiful shadows. Our fairy princess dances in perfect step with them, twirling in her handmade Maedae Creations gown. She serenades her otherworldly kingdom on the piano, regally exhibiting a golden, avant-garde headpiece by Kirsty Grant Design

Handcrafted, seasonal flowers by Frances and Rose teamed with magical cruelty free makeup and plaited, tousled locks by NIcola Whinfield give a delicate and exquisite vibe.

The jewellery for this had be gold, with it’s warm earthy tones and the delicate nature of the rings I knew they had to have their moment. One of kind grey diamonds and lightly hammered golden bands led the way.

Award winning creative videographer Alex Noble of Puzzleglass was kindly on hand to capture the essence of the independents vision and teamed it up with the wild afternoon shoot over in the Peak District.


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