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Tawny Owl Pendant

Tawny Owl Pendant

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Owl is the epitome of mystery, magic, vision, and guidance. It is also one of the most ancient signs for spirit contact. The Owl is the silent guide, teaching us to trust our instincts and silent impressions, especially in regards to spirit communication.

The Owl is a creature of the night, and night symbolizes the darkness within - the places where great secrets and great treasures are hidden. With their spectral senses, the owl helps guide us through the dark tunnels of fear, change and unknowing to the light at the other end.

Forged from a real British Tawny Owl foot, ethically sourced and immortalised in sterling silver – it has insane detailing that has created a truly enchanting piece. A highly collectable and unique piece, this piece is not the faint hearted - it weighs approx 50 grams and although I have slightly rounded the incredibly sharp claws I do not advise it to be worn around small children.

The foot measures 20-25mm wide x 55mm long and hangs from 30" sterling silver chain. This piece has been hallmarked by the historical Birmingham Assay office - ready for delivery now.

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