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The Messenger - Raven Foot Pendant

The Messenger - Raven Foot Pendant

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If the Raven announces its presence in a loud and raucous way, he is acting as a messenger - you are expected to speak up and express yourself. It could also be that you are not listening to the information and guidance that is forthcoming from your guardians. In other words, make sure you listen carefully and if you must, speak up for yourself!

The Raven symbolism also brings messages of transition, change, and healing because of its ability to cast light into the darkness. When this happens, make sure that you are well grounded and have faith in your journey.

Forged from a real British Raven foot, ethically sourced and immortalised in sterling silver, the foot has wonderful detailing and is a unique and collectable piece.

The foot measures 70mm wide x 40mm high and the piece hangs at 18-20” in length, however I can accommodate other lengths please leave a note during checkout. 

This piece has been hallmarked by the historical Birmingham, ready for delivery now. Beware this is a heavy piece weighing 71grams. 

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