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The Old Hags Spell Pot - Sterling Silver Cauldron Pendant

The Old Hags Spell Pot - Sterling Silver Cauldron Pendant

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“In the land with sun and moon
The old hag stirs with blackthorn spoon
With thin boned talons above the woodland floor
Behold these claws throwing, throwing stone cold bones from mothers before
Enter feet and lacking souls, 
Dust above, dust below, dust from all of times untolds

Time over hand, hand over time

The mist creeps in, the fire a crackle
Familiar sits, begins her babble
The scent of herbs, the glimmer of crystals
Hags deed is done with final mouth blown thistle 

In the land with wisdom strewn,
The old Hag stirs below the moon.”

Hand forged sterling silver cauldron pendant with roped handle, features tiny moon crescent on the front and measures 30mm in height from bail to bottom of legs and 19mm in width and weighs approx 8 grams.

Includes sterling silver chain and each order comes with a copy of my “Old Hags Spell Pot” poem, written by myself.

Hallmarked by the historical Birmingham Assay office, ready for delivery now.

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