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The Robin - Earrings

The Robin - Earrings

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The Robin is a solitaire, strong, silent, guardian, protector even when looking after it's family it is rare for it to flock with others, preferring to be solitary and heard when it speaks.

Robin’s medicine includes understanding the power of song, happiness, guide in the wisdom of change, growth, renewal. They have a powerful significance in ancient myth and lore. One tale has its origins in European mythology, in which the bird of Spring is linked with the New Year and symbolises divine sacrifice and the rebirth of the spirit.

Forged from a real British Robin, ethically sourced and immortalised in sterling silver the leg and claws have wonderful detailing and is a unique and collectable piece. These earrings sing so sweetly to me and are inspired by the Robin that visits my own garden each day.

The leg and claws measure 27mm long X 10mm at the widest point and hang from sterling silver hand forged ear wires.

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