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TRANSFORM - Ultimate Charm necklace with Moonstone

TRANSFORM - Ultimate Charm necklace with Moonstone

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A beautifully "extra" charm necklace with non removable, hand-crafted sterling silver charms, and a rainbow Moonstone gemstone. To symbolise all parts of your soul are valid - a physical talisman reminder to keep showing the world true magick x.

Charms include:

  • Snake - Transformation
  • Butterfly - Spiritual Growth & Transformation 
  • Moon Crescent - Divine feminine energy

Rainbow Moonstone is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of enhancing mental power. This gemstone is a symbol of “The Goddess of Moon.” Feminine and gentle energy is condensed in it. It will be useful when you need to have strong mind and control your feeling.

Attached to a sterling silver chain that can be worn at 16", 18, 20".

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